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We believe that creating accessible, patient focused, data driven care is paramount to help combat our increasing substance use and mental health crisis.

By making treatment more accessible to the community that we serve, we believe that we will create a profound and lasting impact on our communities, because recovery from addiction and mental health issues starts at home.

Sycamore Behavioral Health functions as the central administrative hub, providing essential support to behavioral health centers. These centers operate various mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities, offering a comprehensive range of services for individuals dealing with dual diagnosis, mood disorders, and substance use. Our behavioral health network is dedicated to providing holistic care and support.

In alignment with our mission and core values of creating quality, accessible care, most of our facilities are in-network with commercial insurance, reducing the impact financially to our patients and their loved ones without reducing the quality of care.

Our facilities are accredited through The Joint Commission and our Compliance and Quality Assurance team is always looking for ways to continue to evidence the quality of our care.

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At Sycamore Behavioral Health, our mission is to empower individuals on their journey to mental and emotional well-being by providing compassionate and personalized therapeutic care, fostering resilience, and promoting lasting positive change in their lives.



First City Recovery Center

At First City Recovery Center, located just 35 miles north of Indianapolis in Kokomo, IN, we view addiction as a disease that calls for treatment with empathy and dignity. The FCRC mission is to assist individuals through the withdrawal process from drugs and alcohol, paving the way for enduring recovery. We design personalized treatment plans to cater to each client’s unique needs, ensuring a safe transition back into their communities.

We understand that substance use disorders can affect anyone, irrespective of age – from young people to seniors. Hence, our treatment programs are custom-fitted for individuals from diverse age groups grappling with addiction.

We also acknowledge the far-reaching impact of addiction on the family as a whole, particularly when the affected individual is an adolescent. If you’re a parent dealing with an adolescent battling substance abuse, First City Recovery Center is here to help. Not only can your teenager receive treatment here, but parents can also gain support and guidance on navigating recovery while parenting.

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Magnolia City Detox

Magnolia City Detox is a JCAHO accredited treatment center conveniently located just outside of Houston, in The Woodlands, TX. The facility provides detox and inpatient rehab services for individuals dealing with substance use issues.

We also cater to those facing challenges with mental health issues alongside addiction, often referred to as co-occurring disorders.

Our evidence-based treatment programs comprise individual therapy and an array of complementary therapies. These are designed to assist patients in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction and managing withdrawal symptoms. We realize that every person comes with a unique background and story, and therefore, we ensure that no two rehabilitation plans are identical.

As a trusted place for Texas residents to seek help for substance use and mental health conditions, we offer comprehensive programs tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs. The recovery journey begins when you reach out to our rehab center.

At Magnolia City Detox in The Woodlands, patients can anticipate overcoming withdrawal symptoms and cravings within a secure, recovery-focused environment. Upon admission, our medical treatment team will work closely with you and your loved ones to devise not only an effective treatment plan during your stay but also a suitable aftercare plan to support your ongoing recovery.

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